DKD20A Burns - Oestrus Detector


  • Thanks to the screen, it gives important information in determining the time of ovulation.
  • Thanks to the special structure at the tip, it pulls out infectious mucus, which is a sign of vaginal infection. Thus, it ensures that the infection can be detected before insemination.
  • Thanks to its tip resistant to disinfectants, water and breakage, it facilitates compliance with hygiene rules during transition from animal to animal. Thanks to the inclination given back from the tip, it facilitates the entrance to the vagina and cleaning.
  • It detects the time of ovulation.
  • Detects pregnancy and / or luteal cysts.
  • It provides control by taking on the vaginal mucus.
  • It increases your prestige and credibility.
  • %99 güvenilir sonuçlar verir (Kullanım ve bireysel hayvan faktörleri hata payı %1).

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It is a tool that provides important information in determining reproductive system diseases, especially in determining heat and ovulation time.



Model: DKD20A

Weight: 300 gr. (about)

Tip thickness: 25 mm.

Tip length: 400 mm.

Measurement time: 10 sec. (about)

Measuring range: 0-600

Sensitivity: 1

Recommended storage temperature: -10 - 55 degrees Celsius

Measurement end warning: LCD display

Battery exhausted alert: LCD display

Energy source: Lion battery integrated into the system (Can be charged with MINI usb.)

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