SMARTVET PETBROODER-1 Kedi ve Küçük ırk köpekler için yoğun bakım

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Net interior space dimensions: Derinlik 40cm x Genişlik 58cm  ×  Yükseklik 40cm
Cihaz dıştan dışa ölçüleri: Derinlik 47cm x Genişlik 64cm  ×  Yükseklik 58cm


Intensive care cabins are equipped with advanced technology and provide vital support to critical patients with impaired vital functions.


The intensive care unit consists of two parts, a lower main unit and an upper transparent body. In this way, cleaning and disinfection is easy as the part where the creature is located in the intensive care unit can be completely opened and revealed.

The separable upper body is made of PET-G material resistant to disinfectants. It is resistant to chemical cleaning agents, it does not smell. It is easy to open as the upper part is equipped with a sliding cover from front to back. No hinge etc. does not contain. If desired, it can be completely separated from the lower main unit and washed.

The lower main body is coated using electrostatic oven paint and is resistant to disinfectants and easy to clean. Within the sub main unit; It houses a heating, humidification, ventilation, lighting, drug inhalation unit.

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 47 × 64 × 58 cm
Features :

For home use, For Clinical Use (Extra air support -EHD), For Clinical Use (EHD + Cold Steam (SB), For Clinical Use (EHD + SB + Anion (AION)), For Clinical Use (EHD + Anion (AION) ))