MDI-4QF LCD Mastitis TEST device (LCD Electronic CMT)


It allows you to detect the disease (Subclinical Mastitis) before the symptoms of breast disease (Mastitis) are seen by the eye.

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  • It displays the results of 4 cow udders simultaneously via the LCD screen. Disease level in sick breasts is graded between +1 and +5.
  • Mastitis allows reaching the veterinarian and starting treatment without damaging the cow's udder.
  • Thanks to its body that is resistant to disinfectants, water and breakage, it facilitates compliance with the cleaning rules during the transition from animal to animal. The absence of hard corners prevents residue from accumulating and makes cleaning easier.
  • In transition from animal to animal, it is sufficient to clean the eyes from milk with clean water. (Water squirting from the waste is sufficient.)

MDI-4QF Mastitis analyzer;

  • It allows you to detect the disease (Subclinical Mastitis) before the mastitis symptoms are not visible to the eye.
  • It detects the udder that goes out of its normal composition in 5 seconds and gives precise results.
  • It can be used easily by everyone and minimizes the losses that may occur due to mastitis.
  • There is no operating cost. It only works with 1x9V battery.
  • It is long-lasting, durable, reliable and practical.
  • It increases your prestige, credibility and earnings.



Model: MDI4QF – LCD

Weight: 300 gr. (about)

Processor: Mikrochip Controller

Measurement time: 10 sec. (about)

Measuring range: 0-600

Sensitivity: 1

Measurement end warning: LCD display

Measurement Technique: Electrical conductivity

Battery exhausted alert: LCD display

Energy source: 1 x 9V6LR61 9V battery.

Recommended storage temperature: -10 - 55 degrees Celsius

Estimated battery life: Approximately 24 months. (10 measurements per day)

Questions and answers

Question: Does it show breast disease (mastitis) before it appears?

Answer: Yes. When the composition of the milk secreted from the udder changes, it gives a warning before there is a visible change in the milk.

Question: Does it give wrong results in the control after treatment?

Answer is no. Because this device doesn't look at somatic cell count like the CMT test. As a result of the treatment, even if the breast cells return to normal and normal milk secretion, CMT gives the wrong result because the damaged cells continue to be excreted with milk. This device perceives the milk secretion made from breast cells as "normal composition milk" as soon as it returns to normal.

Question: How does this device work?

Answer: It controls the level of Na, K, Cl ions in milk. In milk secreted from a healthy udder, this ratio is at the same level in all udders. It compares the milk in the cow udders and detects the milk that is abnormal.

Question: Does this device show the level of mastitis disease?

Answer: Yes. The device showing mastitis level is MDI-4QF LCD model.

Question: Can every milk be controlled with this device?

Answer: Yes. Sheep, goats, etc. milk can be controlled. At least two milk samples should be used.

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